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DC Counseling is a group practice whose purpose is to provide a safe place where our clients have the ability to express themselves and explore the best of parts of themselves.  We believe that everyone has the potential for growth, the potential to reach their goals.  We believe in alleviating one’s discomforts by exploring its source.

We believe that every person has the strength and power to conquer obstacles.  We focus on the client’s strengths and assist in making the necessary changes to live a full and healthy life.

We work with different modalities to assess the underlying factors that may interfere with the healing process such as traumatic life events, negative emotions, false beliefs or lack of meaning and purpose.  We believe in a holistic approach and support clients to maximize their success by exploring all avenues to reach a fuller emotional health. 

Our goal is to inspire hope, growth and provide guidance so that you may take control over your life, steer your own wheel and reach your path.

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