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Couples Counseling


Couples and marriage counseling helps with:

  • Re-romanticizing partnerships, envision a better future together
  • Relational power struggles, to find a compromise
  • Addressing personal growth in a partnership, and not feel stuck
  • Feeling supported and improving decision making skills
  • Commitment Issues and improving trust
  • Improving communication skills, to feel heard

The benefits and value of couples counseling:

  • Gaining fulfillment, comfort and compassion in your partnership.
  • Being attentive and mindful to each other’s emotions.
  • Remodeling your power of communication and listening.
  • Settling your most sensitive conflicts in a more adequate way.
  • Understanding your uniqueness within your partnership.
  • Endure the challenges in everyday choices
  • Enrich your passion
  • Working through the frequent disputes within your relationship
  • Persevere the difficulties that surround extended family
  • An opportunity to repair past ruptures.

Why couples counseling:

Couples counseling helps clarify why the same attributes that we are attracted to in the relationship are the same attributes that lead to arguments, frustrations, and fights.

Couples will learn to communicate from the heart, by using empathy when listening and speaking to each other.

In couples counseling, there is no blame, shame or criticism. Instead, a more durable connection comes through attentive hearing and being truly heard, in an emotionally safe place. Cooperatively as a couple, you will begin to hear answers to all your stuff.

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